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UPFI is the stablecoin partially backed by collateral and partially stabilized algorithmically.

We are very happy to tell that we are now partner with Pyth Network — the big oracle project on Solana

Who is Pyth Network?

  • Pyth Network — A next generation oracle solution designed to bring Hifi data to DeFi.
  • Pyth Network is being built by some of the biggest names in traditional finance and DeFi with the goal of providing the infrastructure for DeFi to support substantial growth in the market. This requires legally authorized access to unique data sets, sub-second update speeds, sophisticated outputs and aggregation methods, and a thorough incentive system to ward off spurious or malicious data breaches.

We are so proud that we can connect and to be a partner with the big project like Pyth on Solana.

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Airdrop winner announcement
At first, glad to see over 20.000 participants join our UPFI Network Airdrop #1
We have chose randomly 8000 winners from 20.000 participants and prioritized the members that have at least 1 refs

The token will distribute at TGE and will be lock for 1 month.

Don’t be joyless if you aren’t in the winners list, All of our member can have another chance in the #2 Airdrop. This wonderful thing will come soon. Stay tuned and keep in touch with us to not miss any announcement.
View the winners list here

🚀UPFI get #1 Region winner in Solana hackathon

As everyone have known that we have participated in Solana Season Hackathon and we so excited to announce to our community that UPFI come over 13,000 other projects to get #1 in region prize.
It’s a big achievement for all of UPFI team’s effort. But this is just the first step to grow UPFI bigger and bigger.
Many thanks to community who have supported us to get big result.

Info from Solana Season Hackathon:

You can see our achievement at:

Upfi Network Flywheel

Upfi Network Flywheel

(1) 60% UPS will be emitted (distributed) as incentives → Minting demand → Increase collateral → lending protocol → share profit to UPS holder
(2) Increase UPFI, Ups token demand
(3) UPS increase price and redevelop incentives sources

Anti Pump - Dump - Exist Whales

We have seen many SafeMoon holders suffered the big dumps from the whales. For eg: NCAT price dropped 4 times in just hours because a whale dumped and took nearly 500 BNB from the pool (and SAFEMOON case was 1771 BNB), the images below are one of the dumps.

What is UPS ?

The Up share token (UPS) is the non-stable, functioning to hold rights to governance and all excess collateral of the system

It also allows users to receive income by staking it.

The circulating supply of UPS token changes because it is both burned when someone uses it to mint a UPFI token and it is also minted when someone redeems UPFI token.

How to earn UPS?

Users can farm UPS by providing liquidity and depositing their LP tokens on’s own website. These farms are not auto-compounding, however next pool maybe offer auto-compounding farming options as…

UPFI is the stable coin partially backed by collateral and partially stabilized algorithmically.

The end goal of the UPFI protocol is to provide a highly scalable, decentralized, algorithmic money in place of fixed-supply digital assets.

UPFI network

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