UPFI-3Pool Farming Pool— Stable swap guideline

UPFI Network
3 min readDec 10, 2021

UPFI Network Updates’s Guideline

Hi guys, we have a big update with the following features:

1/ Farming Pool Update: We replace UPFI/USDC Farming Pool with UPFI-3Pool Farming Pool

2/ New feature released: Stable Swap

We will provide you guys with a detailed guideline to follow:

1/ Farming Pool Update: We replace UPFI/USDC Farming Pool with UPFI-3Pool Farming Pool

This replacement will not affect users’ experience. You guys just need some minutes to switch to the new farming pool, as the APR of Farming Pool UPFI/USDC will return to 0%. The Rewards at UPFI-3Pool Farming Pool still remain the same.

Step 1: Go to the UPFI-USDC farming pool. Click “Harvest” button to claim your pending rewards $UPS and “Approve”

Step 2: As you see, the current APR of the Inactive pool equals 0. Click “Unstake” to unstake your liquidity from the inactive farms and “Withdraw liquidity”

Unstake all the liquidity and then Confirm

Step 3: Withdraw your liquidity from the USDC-UPFI farming pool

Step 4: Kindly go to our new farming pool UPFI-3Pool

Step 5: Deposit liquidity

Keep in mind that you guys are free to choose the type of stablecoin to deposit. For example, you guys can deposit UPFI or USDT only, or a combination of UPFI and USDT, or USDC and UPFI. This is so convenient that users do not need all the three stablecoins to deposit liquidity.

After depositing liquidity, you guys can start staking liquidity

Step 6: Withdraw liquidity

When users want to withdraw liquidity, you guys can choose between balanced mode or single token mode.

  • With balanced mode, Liquidity pool will be divided equally among 3 tokens USDC, USDT, UPFI
  • With single token mode, LP will output to only 1 out of 3 tokens

This is the complete guideline. If users have any questions, feel free to ask us in our global chat!

2/ New feature released: Stable Swap

Here is the guideline for you guys to experience our newest feature: Stable Swap There are some key points of this feature

1/ The fee for swapping is LOWEST in the Solana Ecosystem, the fee is 0.06%.

2/ Currently this feature supports 3 stablecoins: UPFI, USDT and USDC. More stablecoins will be added in the future.

Let’s experience and feel the convenience this feature brings to you

Step 1: Connect your wallet to our website app.upfi.network

Step 2: Kindly go to “Swap” Tab

Step 3: Select stablecoin you want to swap

Step 4: Experience fast transaction with the lowest fee on Solana ecosystem