UPFI Network Airdrop and Testnet incentive on Near Protocol

UPFI Network
3 min readApr 29, 2022

🔸️Join UPFI’s Airdrop

🚀We are delighted to announce after many hard working months, the project has come to very important stage — UPFI x Near Protocol Cross-chain

👉We would like to organize this big event for all of you, specially whom has trusted and followed the project since first days.

The event will open two reward pools at the same time, the total reward pool is up to 8,180 $USN. Users can participate in one or more reward pools at the same time, unlimited times, first come, first served!

📅 Duration: 2022.04.29 10:00 am -2022.05.22 10:00 am UTC

🔸️Join UPFI’s Airdrop & testnet : 5,180 $USN

🐉Total prize: 5180$

💸 Top 3 active telegram get prize of 100$, 50$, 30$

💵 500 winners: 10$ each

Join by finish all our tasks at https://t.me/UPFIxNearAidrop_bot

  1. Join UPFI’s Telegram
    Group https://t.me/upfinetworkchat
    Channel https://t.me/upfinetworkchannel
    Click ✅ Check
  2. Click Start button and finish the captcha
  3. Click ✅ Join Airdrop
  4. Click ✍️Submit Details
  5. 🔹️ Join UPFI’s Telegram Group https://t.me/upfinetworkchat & Channel https://t.me/upfinetworkchannel
    Submit your Telegram username (Ex: UPFInetwork)
  6. Follow UPFI’s Twitter https://twitter.com/upfi_network, Quote tweet and tag 3 friends
    Submit your Twitter link
  7. Follow NEAR Vietnam https://twitter.com/VietnamNear
  8. 🔹️ Join UPFI’s Discord https://discord.gg/nHMDdyAggx
    Submit your Discord username (Ex: ABCD #1234)
  9. 👉Submit your NEAR wallet address https://wallet.near.org/
  10. 👉Join UPFI testnet on Near Protocol at https://near-testnet.upfi.network to get more chance to win the airdrop.

🔸️UPFI Network Testnet on Near Protocol

Are you excited to know what’s happened since Upfi Network became a member of Near Ecosystem?

Today, we’d like to open TESTNET for key features.

How to participate👇

1️⃣ Go to https://near-testnet.upfi.network/

2️⃣ Create a testnet account https://wallet.testnet.near.org and connect to testnet website

3️⃣ Get testnet coins from the faucet https://near-testnet.upfi.network/faucet

4️⃣ Join products like stable swap, farming, mint/redeem, staking,etc at least once each

Please refer to the User Guide of testnet for a step-by-step user guide at https://docs.upfi.network/using-the-web/near/testnet

🔸️Bug Bounty & suggestion : 3,000 $USN

This method of public testing aims to motivate users to provide high-quality feedback. It provides us the opportunity to receive and listen to feedback about the product from our community. And consequently, give the team and its developers’ data-driven insights on how they can further develop UPFI Network.

💰Reward Pool: 10 $USN per bug and 30 $USN per accepted suggestion 🚀🚀

How to participate👇

Post any bug you find or suggestion on the #bug_submit channel on UPFI Official Discord with the following information:

1️⃣ Your Near address to receive rewards

2️⃣ The description of the issue

3️⃣ Expected behavior and actual behavior

4️⃣ Screenshots

UPFI team will inform you if the bug reported has been adopted on the discord channel above.

🌟 Rules

When multiple users submit the same bug, only the user who submits the bug first will be rewarded for reporting the bug; The same user can submit multiple bugs, and the reward is calculated based on the number of bugs adopted.