UPFI Network cooperates with Kyros Venture to maximize the potential of Vietnam and Asia market

UPFI Network is pleased to announce that we have become a partner with Kyros Venture! Kyros Ventures is a pioneering venture fund leading the investment trend and incubating early stage blockchain & crypto projects. The fund is built on the platform of Coin68 ecosystem — the leading cryptocurrency media in Vietnam with nearly 3 million monthly visits. Kyros’ network is directly connecting more than 100,000 crypto investors and traders.

Besides, Kyros has a strong track record of assisting great projects in Vietnam, focusing on communication and community development. UPFI Network’s collaboration with Kyros is a significant step in conquering the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian market.


UPFI Network is the fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol on the Solana ecosystem.

UPFI Protocol’s final goal is to provide stable, highly scalable, decentralized, algorithmic money in place of fixed-supply digital assets. UPFI also won the 1st prize at Solana Season Hackathon — Nation Vietnam.

UPFI Network is currently opening testnet for users to experience, testneters are able to receive whitelist slots. UPFI will also officially IDO in early November. For more information, readers please visit and participate in our community!

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