UPFI Network Full testnet guidelines

Our devnet is divided into 3 different stages. Now is the time for testnet stage 2&3!

1/ Stage 1–30/9 — Full back by testnet USDC, using testnet USDC and testnet UPFI to mint and redeem.

2/ Stage 2–11/10 — Using testnet UPFI and testnet USDC to farm testnet UPS

3/ Stage 3–19/10 — Using testnet USDC and testnet UPS to mint and redeem.

Testnet USDC, UPFI and SOL here are for test, they have no price and no value.

We recommend you guys to try our devnet to have a chance to win whitelist slot.

How to join devnet

Step 1: You need to have a SPL wallet (recommend using Sollet on devnet , other wallets do not work well on devnet). Find guideline to create a Sollet wallet here

Step 2 :Choose Solana devnet from your wallet and connect the wallet here

Step 3: Migrate to create an Associated account

Step 4: You should get SOL for transaction fee on devnet and get USDC and UPFI at here. Remember to keep some SOL in your wallet for gas fee.

It may take a while for the USDC test currency to arrive into your account

Step 5: Stage 2 — Using testnet UPFI and testnet USDC to farm testnet UPS

After minting UPFI test coin, go to the Farms interface, click Add liquidity to create the UPFI-USDC pool

Add liquidity: Type your amount that you want to add liquidity and click “Confirm”

After that, you could click on the Stake button

Click “Stake” to stake your liquidtity and farm UPS. Type your amount and click “Confirm” , then click approve on your transaction to confirm it

Havest your UPS token for the next stage

Step 6: Stage 3 — Using testnet USDC and testnet UPS to mint and redeem.

Back to mint tab to use the UPS you got from step 5 and USDC to mint UPFI

You could also redeem the UPFI you minted to get back the UPS

This is the complete test process.

If you had any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in our community via this link

Good luck !

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