UPFI Network Upgraded Pool Guideline

UPFI Network
2 min readOct 28, 2021

We have some upgrades in the Farming section. Here is the guideline for you to follow

Step 1: :Choose Solana devnet from your wallet and connect the wallet here

Step 2: Go to the Farming section. Here is the new interface of Farming sction and click to the inactive farms

Step 3: Click “Harvest” button to claim your pending rewards $UPS and “approve”

Step 4: As you see, the current APR of the Inactive pool equals 0. Click “Unstake” to unstake your liquidity from the inactive farms and “Withdraw liquidity

Unstake all the liquiditty and then Confirm

Withdraw liquidity from Inactive farms

Step 5: Go to “Active farms

Now you can deposit liquidity and stake the token to the new pool

The APR in the upgraded pool is so attractive. Don’t miss the chance to harvest $UPS, it will increase your chance to win our whitelist slot!

Attention: In Active Pool, per 6h, you can only harvest $UPS once.